Contribute !

The Richard Davis Foundation for Young Bassists Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. The Foundation will send out the tax letters at the end of the fiscal year that donations are made, so that donors can deduct them from their taxes. All donors will be listed on concert programs and on the website.

Donations can got to one of three non endowed, temporarily restricted funds,

  1. The Scholarship Fund
    The scholarship fund goes to students on an as needed basis. Every student who wants to attend should be able to come regardless of their background or personal situation. For more information, please visit the scholarship page.
  2. The Instrument Fund
    It has always been part of the mission of the foundation to help young bassists with securing and affording instruments. The foundation has helped cover the cost of rentals, repairs, and upgrades in the past. Because the string bass is a large, expensive instrument that has only been made into smaller sizes in recent years, the small instruments are often not readily available or easily purchasable for families. They are expensive and very difficult to typically re sell, so the foundation aims to rent or loan instruments at a reduced price from commercial rental companies. This fund also helps to make high quality basses available to students of the foundation who are giving recitals or are taking college auditions.
  3. Clinician Travel Fund
    The clinician travel fund subsidizes bass teachers to come to the annual bass conference. The Clinicians donate their time because of their passion for teaching and mentoring young bass students, many pay 100% of their own lodging and dining costs. The foundation has bass professors, professionals, teachers around the United States and internationally that are a great asset to the foundation’s mission of exposing young people to the highest quality teachers available. This fund is used as necessary to subsidize travel expenses, so that the foundation can invite the highest quality teachers no matter where they may be located.
  4. “Other” Unrestricted Gen/Admin. Fund
    The conference tuition covers the expenses for venue rental, av equipment charges, and other admin fees for the conference, the gen&admin fund covers anything that is not covered by tuition. The unrestricted general and admin fund will be used as it has been in the past to subsidize catering costs so that they are not passed on to families, to send out post card reminders, to create print material for development or donation work, to send thank you cards and tax exempt letters to donors (postage+printing+paper costs).